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Hello There, I’m JoHanna “Joh” Zeno, CEO/ Owner of Juice’N Joh. My Family business provides the services of offering 100% all-natural fruit and vegetable juices. We have been known for our different blends that uses each natural flavor and sweeteners that provide an amazing drinking experience. Juicing has differently been a health game-changer, and if God says the same, a daily routine in our household. My main adjectives are God 1st, Family 2nd, and everything else that God Allows with maintaining Good Health.


My Personal experience with juicing develop after having our last baby girl in October 2019. Being one of the many women who carry many roles not only as a Woman but a Wife and Mother can bring forth many challenges. Little did I know that my biggest challenge would begin June 2019 when I became very ill at 5 months pregnant. It had gotten to a point where I had to visit my doctor once a week because of my blood pressure levels. My OBGYN strongly suggested that I take a low dosage of Blood Pressure medicine to maintain my BP during my pregnancy. My new weekly routines completely changed with seeing a high-risk doctor twice a week and my regular doctor once a week. The reality at this moment for me was that I had a family history of High Blood Pressure, but I have never had to face it for myself. 

October 7th 2019 I gave birth to our daughter and everything was great but my blood pressure. I knew it would take some time for my body to bounce to back. Little did I know 7 months postpartum, my doctor would deliver a message of wanting to increase my BP medicine. Due to my pressure going up rather than down. It had brought me to a place of discouragement, anxiety and even feeling as if I failed our youngest daughter cause I never had this experience before. Not to mention the 70 pounds I gain during my pregnancy and was only able to drop 30 of it by this time. I remember asking my doctor, “Give me one month to get my BP together?” The deals was that either I get it under control to where it was not life threatening or we have to increase my meds to help with bringing my levels down. 


My husband and I had tried juicing before, but just something to have with getting an extra intake of vegetables. But this time around, I knew I had to handle business cause my life was depending on it. I began to do research on ways I can naturally lower my BP and juicing was the first thing that popped up. I was all in! I immediately ordered a juicer followed by going to the produce store to get a whole brunch of Beets and Celery along with other things and Got To Juicing. I had began drinking 8oz cup of juice with my breakfast, lunch and dinner. It had been Fight or Flight at that point, so I also join CG camps to help with keeping me active. Fast Forward to one month later, my doctor completely removed me from all BP medicine after receiving my vitals and blood work. **Disclaimer results may vary depending on Eating and Active Activities. Do Consult with doctor before beginning new regiments.


The Best Gift I truly could have given myself was “The Gift Of Good Health” and being open minded to all that Juicing could offer me. 

Since than, I have posted about my journey and many have inquired about my juices. I have Prayed and have been trusting God to order my steps and here we are today with Jucie’N Joh. 

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