From scratch our homemade Juice’N Joh’s “Blueberry Lemonade”. Our Blueberry Lemonade is like No Other! Our process of making is to pull the Sweeter from the Fresh Blueberries, reducing the Sugar amount for an Enjoyable Taste. How to Drink: -You can drink directly from the bottles. -To Reduce Sweet/Lemony Taste, add filtered water as needed. -Or, you can add more Raw Cane Sugar/Fresh Taste for your preferred desirable taste.  Available in 32oz & 16oz Bottles Ingredients:ORANGIC-Bluberries-Lemons-Raw Cane Sugar & Filtered Water.

Blueberry Lemonade

  • *Juice’N Joh is not a medicine, a supplement or anything to be taken in place of doctor ordered medicine. It doesn’t not cure any disease or heal any medical sickness. Juice’N Joh is only a fruit and vegetable beverage to help contribute to more daily intake. Please consultant with a doctor for any concerns or if you have any underline health condidtions.